Read what some of our clients are saying about us:

You are easily the most professional and thorough equipment broker I’ve dealt with.(compared with my other vendors you are tops) I’m sure this will translate into a very successful business for you.

Alan Dunz

Lighthouse Technology, Lenexa, Ks


Harry is the hardest working broker in the business, his word is gold. I don't need a contract with Harry, if he tells you it's good equipment it is. He is very honest and that to me is hard to find in this business. Relationships are worth more than a fast buck for Harry.

David Radcliffe

SBR, Salt Lake City


I have done business with Harry McPartland for over 7 years as a manufacturer representative and a independent business owner. I have found him very honest, a man whose word  you can depend on and dedicated to fulfilling his customers needs. I would recommend his services to anyone that wanted to deal with a reputable equipment  dealer.

Ed Stevelman | Manager Onsite Services
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A&E - The Graphics Complex, Houston, Tx
A Division of Thomas Reprographics, Inc.


Harry has always picked-up and delivered as expected with my total satisfaction on all of our transactions. He is a great personality and genuinely cares about his customers.

Chris Inman

CM Reprographics, Las Vegas


I have got to say that this has been one of,  if not the best experience as far as purchase that I have dealt with to memory.  We will definitely be in touch..

Thanks a bunch

Nelson Aguilar, HA-NY, New York City


As a shipper specializing in moving electronics I have had many dealings with many equipment dealers. However the Industry is filled with people who do not take the time and effort to properly and ethically represent the machines they are selling, resulting in angry customers. I have dealt with Harry McPartland and Wide Format Engines for 4 years, and I have never heard one customer tell me that they have not received what was represented by Harry. As a result most of his customers are loyal customers. Harry's attention to detail is an asset that any prospective customer should look for in an equipment broker. I get many calls asking where to buy Wide Format Equipment. Harry is always the first recommendation I give.

National Copier Logistics
Todd Gillett


Our company is a dealership based in Mexico. We depend on value when we import wide format equipment since freight and import costs average 35 to 40% of the original price paid, meaning our customers invest heavily on this type of equipment, obviously expecting great quality. Harry has helped us deliver to our customers through the years by taking amazing care of details, and by gaining our complete trust on every single thing he offers.  Our reputation on the wide format market is spreading across our market as a leader in the field. All this thanks to Harry.

Jorge Diaz Flores





As a small copy shop owner, it was great doing business with someone as professional as Harry. Honest and forthright in his dealings, I would have no reservations about doing business with his company in the future.

Adolph Barclay

Dadeland Copy, Inc.

Miami, Florida