A Word About FREIGHT

We learned early on in this business that FREIGHT is a principal component of our offering.

After utilizing various carriers, failing to get insurance restitution on claims and dealing with unhappy clients, we learned the hard way.

We now utilize a select group of nationally recognized carriers who specialize in moving this type of equipment in AIR RIDE vans ONLY after ensuring it is properly shrink wrap protected for travel and then blanket wrapped.

With exceptions going only to those clients with substantial experience in moving this type of gear, we insist that we control the process of getting this equipment to you in good shape.

As you know, ownership of this gear transfers to the buyer at point of pick-up. By our handling the freight arrangements and all aspects of the freight of your goods, we maintain control of your equipment until receipt is signed off by your organization. We ensure the gear is properly protected and insured for the ride, and we handle the freight claims, should they occur.

Additionally, with most carriers we provide regular reports informing you of the location of your load as it makes it's way to you. Our intent is to make you comfortable with your investment even BEFORE you receive it!